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The Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) Program

Do you have poor or degraded ground cover? FBA can help

Working one-on-one with an FBA Land Management Officer, the Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program supports Fitzroy land managers to identify opportunities to improve land in poor or degraded condition to fair or good condition. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

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How to Establish or Restore Native Trees in CQ Grazing Systems

How to Establish or Restore Native Trees in CQ Grazing Systems

With over 30 years of practical experience propagating, planting and restoring native vegetation, Steve Elson is regarded as a local ecology and botany expert. True to Steve’s style, this guide is a pragmatic approach to establishing or restoring native trees in central Queensland’s often unkind and unrelenting climatic conditions. If you need a hand getting started, identifying a gum or choosing which natives are best for your place, FBA is here to help.

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Lake Pleasant – Building Drought Resilience Trial

Building Drought Resilience Through Soil Health - Queensland Trial

At the end of 2020, Justine and Matt McLeod’s property, Lake Pleasant became the home of a large-scale soil experiment that hopes to change the future of farming by focusing on drought resilience. Experimenting with 96 plots, the trial is monitoring the impact of different rates of organic changes, fertilisers and plant species by tracking soil health, water efficiency, plant health, yield and profitability. Through this monitoring, the experiment will compare the profitability of conventional and regenerative farming methods while also measuring the changes in soil health and yield. Ultimatlely the trial hopes to find solutions that decrease reliance on water and artificial inputs while sustaining profits. The Future Drought Fund project was funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

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Koalas in CQ Factsheet

Koalas in CQ Factsheet

In 2022 the koala was listed as an endangered species in Queensland. The Clarke-Connors Range, located in central Queensland, contains one of the most significant koala populations in regional Queensland. Koalas are often sighted in this area (including female koalas with babies which indicates a healthy population). To keep this population healthy Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) is asking central Queenslanders to keep their eyes out for koalas and report any sightings.

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Paddock to Reef Educational Flyer

Property planning tips to prevent and reduce erosion

Preventing erosion is always better than curing it. When planning the improvement or development of property tracks, fences, yards, water infrastructure and buildings, careful consideration can prevent soil erosion and save on labour and costs. This flyer includes tips to help you reduce erosion on your property. To learn more, contact our technical experts.

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Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program Case Study

Glengarry Case Study

With early COVID-19 restrictions obliging them to stay home, Greg and Connie Leighton of Glengarry reflected on the disruption as an opportunity to put some spare time into strategic thinking, planning and execution which has paid them back generously in less than 12 months.

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2019 – 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Highlights

National Landcare Program 2019-2020 Highlights

We are proud to share our major sustainable agricultural wins achieved over the 2019-2020 financial year through the Australian Government's National Landcare program.

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Innovative Agriculture Case Study

Project Snapshot - Trialing Remote Livestock Management Systems for grazing enterprises in the Fitzroy

The Fitzroy Basin contributes an estimated 1.5 million tonnes of extra sediment to the Great Barrier Reef lagoon as a result of human and industry activities. The aim of the project was to enhance productivity while reducing soil loss, sediment and particulate nutrient delivery to the Great Barrier Reef through the use of innovative technologies.

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Case study – one-on-one property visit leaves a large legacy

Offmore Farm Case Study

Scotty and Josie Finlayson aren't your average central Queensland landholders, instead of cattle or crops their paddocks contain liberty trained horses ready to perform in Australia's biggest shows. Through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program, Senior FBA Land Management Officer, Ellie Carter, organised a one-on-one property visit to help the Finlayson's improve the condition of their newly acquired property.

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