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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 172

Totally Wild Tv teach young viewers how the land and the ocean are connected

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv visited Steve and Claire's central Queensland grazing property to learn how they are caring for their land and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 153

Totally Wild Tv - learn about CQUni Gladstone's seagrass program - partly funded by FBA

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv interviewed Dr Emma Jackson about CQUni Gladstone's seagrass research project. The project aims to find ways to stop seagrass disappearing and restore lost grass through transplantation. Watch the video to learn more!

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Bringing endangered species back from the brink

Project Snapshot- Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

OUTCOMES • Bridled Nailtail Wallaby population doubled at Taunton National Park • Population estimated to be 393 as of 2017, possibly the highest numbers since 1973 • Metapopulation plan developed • Increased capacity to establish genetically viable populations and secure species survival long-term • 24 landholders successfully engaged in coordinated feral animal control and land management practices • 2,534 hectares designated and managed as a wildlife corridor on neighbouring private property, increasing total size of suitable wallaby habitat • Wallaby habitat connectivity improved • Individual wallabies from Taunton population successfully translocated to Pillaga West National Park in NSW for breeding program

Moura pig control

Moura pig control case study

Paranui, a 7,500 acre beef cattle and grain operation on the Dawson River between Moura and Theodore is suffering damage caused by feral pigs. Scott and Kelly Becker who lead the property along with Scott’s parents Norman and Desley say the damage to crops and profits is a significant issue for them as well as their neighbours.

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Indigenous Culture – capturing traditional knowledge

Indigenous Culture - capturing traditional knowledge

Fitzroy Basin Association developed a series of nine videos through the Traditional Ecological Knowledge project funded by Caring for our Country. The short clips feature traditional owners talking about the cultural significance of different landscapes, and how different plants were used for practical purposes, food, and medicine.

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Helping rare frogs case study

Helping rare frogs

Rare frogs in rainforests of central Queensland are caught in a conservation paradox - more information about the frogs in needed to decide how to conserve them, but their very scarcity means that information is hard to come by.

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Marine debris case study

Understanding marine debris for cleaner beaches

Capricorn Coast residents have been learning more about the rubbish that arrives on their shores while helping keep local beaches beautiful.

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Additional funding leads to significant increase in hatching rates

Nest protection for vulnerable Fitzroy River Turtles

For over a decade, Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) and Greening Australia have teamed together to protect iconic Fitzroy River Turtles from predation. However, by securing corporate partners to complement funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, the two organisations have exponentially increased their nest protection efforts over the past two years.

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Wetlands and coastal scrub species just a few of the winners arising from dune restoration

Farnborough Beach Dune Restoration project

Farnborough Beach is part of the internationally-recognised Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area Ramsar site. Its dunes form a natural buffer between the water and the terrestrial and wetland habitats within Byfield National Park. These Farnborough dunes have been slowly eroding.

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