Flow’s educational experiences

Flow’s education experiences are an interactive and exciting way for groups to learn about the region and connect subject content with real life. Students can immerse themselves in FBA’s interactive Flow Centre which boasts new features and state-of-the-art technology.

Interactive screens are loaded with regional stories and fun facts, and old-fashioned science experiments can be organised to deliver a more hands-on learning experience.

FBA’s Flow Centre caters for up to 25 students of any age and resources can be easily tied to the Australian School Curriculum. There are six different Flow education experiences to choose from:

Exploring Ecosystems Explore the concepts of biomes, ecosystems, food chains and food webs by looking at unique landscapes and protected areas in the Fitzroy region.
Beasts of the Basin Explore some of the unique and iconic flora and fauna of the Fitzroy region. Learn about species distribution, habitat, adaption and threats to these species and how we protect and care for them.
Loving the Land Investigate how soil is formed, and why it is crucial to life on Earth. Learn about soil types and testing and how we manage and protect our soils. Gain an understanding of where our food comes from and how land managers are caring for the environment.
Caring for Catchments Investigate the water cycle and how water is the connecting force of the catchment. Learn about the processes in a catchment and how we can all do our bit to measure and improve water quality across our region.
Weather and Climate Learn all about the weather – how it is measured, what it means and how it is forecasted. Explore the difference between weather and climate and see how our changing climate may impact us in the future and what you can do to help.

Please note that Flow Centre availability varies throughout the year and visits need to be booked four weeks ahead of time.

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