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Customised FBA support for Cardbeign

Rebuilding and re-vegetating damaged creeks in central Queensland

One site on the property was badly scoured with steep creek banks that were barren of woody vegetation that would normally assist to stabilise soil. This led to loss of diversity within the creek such as pools, rifles and steps. Additionally, cracking clay on the creek flats were in poor condition, indicated by the prevalence of weeds and wiregrasses. Due to lack of equity and a minimal budget, Cardbeign’s development has had to be carefully staged, utilising current infrastructure as much as possible.

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Broadmeadows case study

Land rehabilitation through water spreading banks

Broadmeadows is a grazing property located 13kms east of Rockhampton owned and operated by the Lang family. The Nankin Wetlands lagoon covers a significant area of Broadmeadows, therefore keeping this area free from invasive weeds, sedimentary silt and salt scalding is of high importance.

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CQ graziers talk about challenges facing the grazing industry

CQ graziers talk about challenges facing the grazing industry

Life on the land is challenging, running a business can be hard. Building a sustainable, profitable enterprise is both. Eight of our Reef Trust 1 A-class grazing landholders talk about the various challenges they face running grazing properties in Central Queensland.

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We ask several CQ graziers why they’re on the land

We ask several CQ graziers why they're on the land

Rockhampton is known as the Beef Capital of Australia - we ask a number of Central Queensland graziers to share what motivates them and why they love working on the land in the grazing industry.

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Water spreading banks case study

Changing the flow at Broadmeadows - Protecting the Nankin Wetlands

Broadmeadows is a beef grazing property owned and operated by the Lang Family, located 13kms east of Rockhampton, on the banks of Nankin Creek. The Nankin Wetlands lagoon cover a significant area of the property. As such, it is the property owners desire to keep this area free from invasive weeds, sedimentary silt and salt scalding, with the aim of maintaining a sound environmental state whilst ensuring optimal water quality standards are met.

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Case Study: Boonal Downs

Queensland Regional NRM Investment Program

The DeBonis have observed improvements to ground cover and erosion since implementing the rotational grazing system. This regeneration highlighted the need to take further action in protecting the area around Magenta Creek in Cultivation Paddock 3, previously used for both cropping and grazing. To assist in implementing this plan, the DeBoni family accessed funding from Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) under the Queensland Regional NRM Investment Program.

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Customised support case study

FBA customised support for the Moore Family of Dovecot

Louis and Noel Moore purchased Dovecot in 2001, a 4700 hectare property 20km south of Rockhampton, between Mount Morgan and Bouldercombe. Despite encountering obstacles during their period of ownership , Dovecot is flourishing. The Moore family claim the turning point arrived when they enlisted one-on-one support from Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. and the National Landcare Programme (NLP).

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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 172

Totally Wild Tv teach young viewers how the land and the ocean are connected

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv visited Steve and Claire's central Queensland grazing property to learn how they are caring for their land and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Graziers lead by example through proactive planning

Graziers lead by example through proactive planning

Being able to easily demonstrate that they are managing their grazing enterprise in a way that protects the environment, ensures their cattle are healthy and meets workplace health and safety obligations was a driving factor for Richard and Adele Acton’s decision to complete Grazing Best Management Practice (Grazing BMP) and become Accredited Producers.

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