Meet our staff

Elyse Riethmuller

Chief Executive Officer

I’m inspired on a daily basis by the truly amazing things we achieve through working together and the positive difference that makes to our families and our region.

Daniel Boshoff

NRM Manager

I enjoy working with a team of like-minded individuals that collectively make a positive change to the environment and the lives of all the people of central Queensland. I aim to continue building on the successes that FBA has achieved in the last two decades.

Jeff Krause

Partnerships Manager

Making a positive contribution and sharing my experience and insights to assist staff and FBA stakeholders across the region is what excites me about working with FBA.

Pam Jeffery

Corporate Services Manager

At the end of the day I just love the people I work with and the challenges and learnings I gain along the way – they’ve all helped shape who I am today.

Rebecca French

Engagement Manager

More than anything I enjoy working with others to make a difference. Influencing positive outcomes for people and building goodwill and reputation is what I’m all about!

Andrew Lewis

Extension Leader

I am inquisitively observant and am continually looking for the opportunity to create efficiencies, effectiveness and most importantly value. I enjoy sharing my practical and authentic insights of the grazing industry to empower others.

Ben Reimers

Business Systems Leader

An organisation, like the environment, is made up of interacting systems. Understanding those systems, and developing them to be more robust and resilient, is where I thrive.

Katrina Lapthorn

Finance Leader

I love working at FBA because it has afforded me the opportunity to be in a team that is fighting for a sustainable future. Providing all team members with financial assistance to help them reach their project goals gives me great satisfaction.

Shannon van Nunen

Environment Leader

I approach NRM like I approach life… it’s a marathon, not a sprint… you can’t accomplish without help from others… every problem is an opportunity… think big picture!

Annie May

Land Management Officer

I enjoy being involved in a community and contributing to regional areas, I believe people are the greatest asset to creating a sustainable future.

Amanda O'Brien

Acting Risk and Safety Officer

I love being outside in nature and I’m passionate about sustainability. I love both the bush and the beach and all the critters with whom we share it. When I’m not in the office I like to explore new places, climb mountains, go clay target shooting and help with the rural firefighters.

Bethlea Bell

Community Participation Officer

I love working with people on projects that enhance our natural assets… I have a particular soft spot for our amphibian friends so am known as ‘the frog lady’ in some circles!

Braden Mitchell

Waterway Management Officer

I studied Freshwater Biology and Management and love everything to do with the quality of our water in the environment and doing what has to be done to ensure we have sustainable, healthy water supplies into the future.

Catherine Pohlman

Project Officer - Environment

I want our society to have a fulfilling, prosperous, long-term future by preserving our natural environment, restoring damaged ecosystems, and finding sustainable ways of producing goods and services. I believe we can have the life we want while preserving our natural heritage and, FBA offers an opportunity for us to achieve this.

Daniel Rea

Partnership Coordinator and Climate Mate (Fitzroy)

A team is always greater than the sum of its parts. My passion is bringing the right players together, at the right time and place, to kick goals for our environment and for our future.

Grace Davies

Business Support Officer

I enjoy working for such a passionate organisation that shares my own personal values and beliefs, of a more environmentally sustainable future.

Hannah Kaluzynski

Project Officer (Environment)

Listening to peoples’ life stories and experiences just fascinates me, and I’m a big believer in working with local people to tackle our environmental challenges – it’s the best way to build a sustainable future.

Hayley Young

Indigenous Engagement Coordinator

I am excited to grow and nurture relationships with Traditional Custodians. Through meaningful connections, I aim to understand the needs of communities and help empower them to achieve caring for country aspirations.

Johanna Ramsey

Brand and Marketing Coordinator

Working each day with a team of passionate people to safeguard our region’s special places and unique species is a dream come true!

Kate Woolley

Land Management Officer

Central QLD is the place I’ve lived longest and I love our slice of paradise. Learning and passing knowledge onto others, and working in agriculture are my passions.

Katlin Tilly

Land Management Officer

I am passionate about being a part of transforming Australia’s food system to improve the health and sustainability of the environment and people. I love learning new things, getting out onto properties and can talk until the cows come home about sustainable agriculture.

Lisa Del Riccio

Community Participation Officer

I’m all about connections and bringing people, information and resources together to achieve environmental sustainability for our region.

Lochlan Jepson

Land Management Officer

I’ve worked on my family’s, and my extended family’s properties for years and love hands on pasture management, rural operations and vegetation management. Giving back to the community gives me a real sense of satisfaction especially when it increases sustainability.

Mac Hansler

Science Officer

I am passionate about preserving the natural world to the best of my ability. I think with everything in life there exists a happy medium for all interested parties. Easy to say, difficult to practice, but well worth the effort.

Mark Schultz

Senior Science Officer

I am passionate about conceiving, developing and conducting a diverse range of environmental investigations designed to improve environmental outcomes.

Matthew Mulholland

Science Engagement Officer

I love teaching the younger generations and being out and about, meeting new people. I have a background in agriculture and when I’m not at work you’ll find me with my horses.

Peter Smith

Senior GIS Officer

In a nutshell, I do maps and love providing GIS support to assist others with their work. I’ve been involved with things geospatial for more than 35 years and I’m still learning!

Reece Brooks

Land Management Coordinator

Having grown up in the grazing industry, I enjoy helping landholders improve their business and restore their land through best practice, and help them increase their production and profits.

Richa Neupane

Engagement and Impact Officer

As a researcher, I enjoy interacting with people to facilitate environmental and socioeconomic changes to create resilient ecosystems. I love being a part of the enthusiastic FBA team and contributing towards a better regional future.

Sheree Johnston

Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator

My passion is helping landholders manage natural resources sustainably while running a profitable business. Using my Business and Natural Resource Management background, I enjoy assisting land managers to achieve their goals while striving for a sustainable future in agriculture.

Sophie Wilkins

Land Management Officer

I believe education is the key to conservation. Having a keen interest in both agriculture and the environment, I love sharing my knowledge with people in our community to improve the profitability of their businesses while also making our region more sustainable and resilient for future generations.

Summer Collins

Business Support Officer

I am proud to be a part of Fitzroy Basin Association because I believe in a sustainable future and every day FBA is one step closer to achieving that!


Tayla Hill

Communications Officer

I have always had a love for all things outdoors. Whether it’s ocean, land, creeks or rivers you’ll find me out exploring the best of it. To use my skills to help create a sustainable future for our environment where we will be able to continue to enjoy natures beauties is a dream come true!

Vicki Horstman

Ag Services Coordinator

I love my family, horses and camping… almost as much as I love working with local groups and producers to achieve Sustainable Ag in our big and beautiful region (just don’t tell the family!).

Leigh Stitz

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health - Executive Director

Together we are providing a more complete picture of river health. The commitment of our partners, our passionate team and vision for the future is what inspires and motivates me.

Nicole Dendle

Communications Coordinator

I work to ensure the community is aware of Fitzroy Partnership for River Health and our independent reporting on the condition of the waterways in the Fitzroy Basin every year.  Promoting the good work of our partners in creating a better water future and inspiring the community to take greater care of the environment, are also key aims.

Eva Duerkop

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health - Science Officer

The vast landscape of central Queensland is a significant contrast to the environment I grew up with in Europe. I enjoy exploring the Fitzroy region and am passionate about monitoring and improving regional waterways and ecosystems towards a more sustainable future.

Myfina Healy

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health - Science Officer

Sustainability is all about systems thinking and pushing boundaries. That sounds like an oxymoron, but what it means for me in my work at FBA is to make interconnections between people and the environment, and to think big!

Martin Grieve

Engineer (Contractor)

I have a passion for stream bank rehabilitation and revegetation engineering/management. I like to collaborate with people to make a difference for the environment. I look forward to applying my skills and expanding my knowledge while building strong relationships with landowners across central Queensland to support productive, healthy landscapes.

Michelle Black

Graphic Designer (Contractor)

I thrive on visually communicating messages about healthy ecosystems, biodiversity protection and sustainable land management and knowing my work is helping make a difference.