kroombit tinkerfrog

Three NEW Project Snapshots

Posted on June 22nd, 2023

We have produced three project snapshots to celebrate recent achievements. […]

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Saving the Critically Endangered Kroombit Tinkerfrog

Posted on June 5th, 2023

A snapshot of the Saving the Critically Endangered Kroombit tinkerfrog […]

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Saving the Critically Endangered Kroombit Tinkerfrog from Extinction!

Posted on January 9th, 2023

Kroombit tinkerfrogs (Taudactylus pleione) are a very small, critically endangered […]

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Helping rare frogs case study

Posted on January 29th, 2020

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Kroombit Tops Threatened Species Fact Sheet

Posted on January 16th, 2020

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Three long term projects deliver success across the region

Posted on December 10th, 2018

2018 marks the conclusion of several long-term projects lead by […]

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Big year ahead for Fitzroy Basin

Posted on January 9th, 2014

Almost $10M will be invested in the Fitzroy Basin in […]

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Kroombit Tinkerfrog

Posted on May 8th, 2013

These small frogs grow to about 25mm in length and can be identified by an X-shaped patch between its shoulders. Its body is greyish with brown specks, and yellowish back legs. It has darker grey spots between the eyes and a rounded nose.

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