Three long term projects deliver success across the region

2018 marks the conclusion of several long-term projects lead by FBA. Combined, these projects have left an enduring legacy in every corner of our 156,000km2 region. Below is a brief summary of each program and the major acheivements acheived.

This map illustrates the breadth of work delivered by FBA with funding from the Australian Government.

Caring for our Creeks
The goal of the Caring for our Creeks project was to assist in enhancing the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef to the effects of climate change. This was achieved in several ways and with the help of several local community groups.

As you can see on the above map, three urban creek systems (Fig Tree Creek, Moores Creek and Police Creek) were identified as critical areas. Due to the conditions of these three creeks a range of restorative work was completed including, marine debris removal, replanting native vegetation, managing pest species and improving urban, industrial and agricultural run-off.

These activities, in addition to the installation of a fishway, has led to greater continuity between habitats and increase resilience to disturbances.

National Landcare Program
The five-year National Landcare Program included six different facets –

Conserving and protecting Species and Ecosystems
Many species and ecosystems across FBA’s NRM region were targeted through this program leading to some impressive results. This included work with, but not limited to – Fitzroy River Turtle, White-throated Snapping Turtle, In-shore dolphins, marine turtles, Kroombit Tinker Frog, Silver-headed Antechinus and Kroombit Tops National Park.

Enhanced Indigenous Capacity to Conserve and Protect Natural Resources
Four Indigenous secondary students gained a Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management under this program. This training allowed the involved students to develop post-trade skills and knowledge to become specialist within the conservation and land management industry. Also, under this facet of the National Landcare Program, weed control, interoperative signage and erosion management was also supported at Gawula Aboriginal Land Trust.

Preserving the ecological character and cultural heritage of the Shoalwater and Corio Bay Ramsar Site
Under this program, the Ramsar advisory group was formed. This group works to effectively coordinate work to protect and restore the Ramsar Site. These works include animal and weed control, sandbank restoration and erosion management. Support was also provided to the popular Five Rocks Beach Clean Up event.

Landcare Facilitator Project
This aspect of the National Landcare Program brought together 16 landcare, community and individuals from across the region to conduct numerous capacity building training days.

Sustainable Agriculture
During the five-year program 140, one-on-one property visits were conducted over 140,000 ha by FBA engagement officers. These visits resulted in the involved farmers adopting sustainable land management practices which in turn increased their productivity whilst improving the local ecosystem. Listen to what some of the involved landholders had to say.

Urban and Coast
FBA worked with 33 community groups, 27 schools and 17 delivery partners on various projects and events to improve the quality of water run-off from urban and industrial lands into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Reef Trust 1
Reef Trust 1 was a three-year program that provided tailored support to graziers in the Fitzroy and North Queensland Dry Tropics (NQDT) region to improve their production, profitability and sustainability. Together FBA and NQDT worked closely with 18 landholders through training events to improve their sediment run-off and property management.

The program concluded with a forum in both regions and a two-day event where participating landholder were taken to AIMS and Landsborough Downs (managed by CSIRO).  At these locations, the landholders were provided with information on how saving sediment on farm effects the reef and new information on research and information on trials they are doing.