Tree video trilogy turns the tables on grazing paradigm

FBA has produced a series of three videos shedding light on the myth that fewer trees in your paddock means more efficient cattle grazing.

In the last half of the 20th century, we witnessed the wholesale clearance of trees on CQ land based on a misconception that more land was being opened up for grazing and cropping.

Today, FBA is spreading the word to encourage land managers and communities to stop clearing and start planting trees to bring CQ paddocks back to life.

Take a few minutes now to watch these compelling videos set in stunning CQ backdrops which tell the story of the importance of trees in your paddock, the benefits to soil biodiversity and water systems and the profit increases in grazing enterprises.

Video 1: An introduction to trees in grazing systems

Raising cattle and trees together can produce immense benefits for your property, the region, and the planet.

FBA Environment Leader, Shannon van Nunen, introduces the journey of discovery about how trees in your paddocks can improve land value, biodiversity, and productivity.

An introduction to trees in grazing systems

Video 2: What is optimal for canopy cover for grazing?

30-40% canopy cover is desirable for many reasons including cattle shade, species diversity and water retention.

Tree consultant Steve Elson explains how to plant trees efficiently for best survival rates and Rolleston land manager Cam Gibson tells us the story of how trees on their family property improve cattle temperament and weight gain consistently throughout the year.

Optimal canopy cover for grazing

Video 3: Practical experience supports what science has been telling us

CQUniversity researcher Dr. Chris O’Neill explains the science behind how 30-40% canopy cover in a paddock improves cattle weight gain better than a paddock cleared to have maximum space for grazing.

Cam Gibson supports this with his story of how calmer and cooler animals are more inclined to continue feeding during summer months because they can stay cooler and eat more nutrient dense grass species found in the shade of canopy cover.

Practical experience and science of trees in grazing systems

If you need more evidence that trees in grazing systems are a good idea, contact one of the team at FBA on 07 4999 2800.

These videos are supported by Fitzroy Basin Association through funding from the Queensland Government’s Natural Resource Investment Program.