Calling for CQ feral animal management contractors

FBA is calling for professional feral animal management contractors to put up their hand to be part of a central Queensland wide directory to link their specialist services with local land managers.

FBA will host the online directory which will be accessible from this website and iPad kiosks located in ag supply stores in regional locations by mid-2022.

Feral pigs, wild dogs and other pests cause widespread damage and losses to CQ stock, crops and land every year. Control of these biosecurity and production threats is an essential task for land managers.

FBA’s Land Management Officer, Kate McLucas is coordinating the online register and the rollout of five iPad information kiosks to local businesses in Moranbah, Injune, Blackwater, Clermont, and Rolleston. These businesses will become regional hubs for products, services, and information about pest management related to that town and region which will be a first for this kind of directory.

“No other Fitzroy region feral animal control directory exists, so this will be a first.

“FBA works closely with hundreds of land managers to help them improve their land’s productivity and sustainability. This directory is another way that we can help by connecting our local land managers with reputable contractors in one online resource.”

“To get involved, feral animal contractors should fill out the online form below. These expressions of interest will be reviewed and uploaded to the FBA website which land managers will then be able to search and make contact with contractors,” said Ms McLucas.

The iPads give users access to the directory, as well as extensive regional resources and knowledge that will assist in pest management. The opportunity to search one complete resource for trusted local feral animal contractors online, at home or, in town will save land managers valuable time and money.

Feral animal control is a specialised job and local contractors have in-depth knowledge of local terrain, humane control methods and experience handling baits, traps and providing marksman services.

FBA expect contractors with varying services and specialties to come forward and list their range of expertise. Everyone from individual contractors through to businesses providing helicopter marksman services for larger-scale jobs can benefit from using the directory to promote their services.

“FBA hear from lots of excellent contractors all the time. We’re also talking to land managers frustrated with feral pest damage, but they don’t have the time or expertise to get around to it. This directory service is really simple and just makes good business sense to connect these two parties together as soon as possible,” concluded Ms McLucas.

If you would like to register an expression of interest to join the feral pest management contractor directory fill out the form below.

Qld Feral Pest Initiative 4 - Feral Animal Control Directory Expression of Interest

Expression of interest form for feral animal contractors to register with the FBA online contractor directory
Feral animal control contractor business name
Feral animal control contractor trading name
Australian Business Number
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Indicate your years of experience, work that you specialise in (aerial shooting, ground shooting, trapping etc.), specific feral animal control expertise (feral pigs, wild dogs, foxes, feral horses, other).

This project is delivered by Fitzroy Basin Association through funding from the Queensland and Australian Governments as part of the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative.

Contact FBA’s Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator (RALF), Sheree Johnston
M: 0448 219 982