Traditional Knowledge of the Fitzroy Basin

Did you know that FBA created a series of videos all about the amazing ecological knowledge held by some of the traditional custodians of the lands across the Fitzroy region?

The eight short videos can be found on FBA’s YouTube channel here:

The educational videos are an incredible way to learn (or teach) about some of central Queensland’s special spaces and species and how the Indigenous people of this area understood, managed and used these natural resources.

What I love about these videos is the variety of directions and school subjects you could use them in. Obviously, there is the scientific knowledge of plants and landscapes but they are also a great discussion starter for History or English essays. Additionally, Geography teachers, these are perfect for nearly all year levels – in particular, the Year 10 unit on environmental change and management.

While there are many great resources out there, it is much more impactful to use a local example – perhaps a site you could even visit. So, check out these educational videos and learning about the traditional ecological knowledge of the Fitzroy region.

A free teacher resource kit is available, featuring a DVD of the videos and curriculum-based activity sheets for a range of curriculum areas. Kits can be obtained from the Flow Centre in Rockhampton. Contact me to learn more –