Introducing Flow’s Noticeboard

Hi everyone, welcome to the new Flow noticeboard where I am going to bring you interesting articles, useful resources and exciting events that will all help with learning more about the wonderful natural resources of the Fitzroy Basin. But first; a little about me…

My name is Dan and I have been involved in science and education for nearly twenty years and have been fascinated by the natural world since before I can remember.

Born and raised in Brisbane I studied marine ecology and then education. Although raised in the city I have always enjoyed getting out and about and my teaching journey has taken me from tropical Cape York to the desert of central Australia and I even did a stint in chilly Ireland.

Over the past 8 years I have done a number of science or STEM (science, engineering, maths & technology) engagement roles. I love being able to share ideas with teachers, parents and educators to help people have those “aha” moments where the light bulb finally clicks. I’m passionate about science being a discovery that is best done “hands on” and it really just a way of understanding how the world works.

And always remember, “it’s not magic – its science!

There is always something fantastic happening in the world of natural sciences so check out these upcoming events and get involved:

Australian Wildlife Week (THIS WEEK!)
National Water Week Oct 19 – 25
And my favourite… National Bird Week Oct 19 – 25