Shy dolphin takes the spotlight in new children’s book

They might be shy and like to hide, but Australian Snubfin Dolphins are taking a lead role in helping children, parents and teachers understand more about this reclusive dolphin species and the threats they face.
To celebrate FLOW Visitors Centre’s third birthday, CQ’s leading natural resource management group Fitzroy Basin Association Incorporated (FBA) is releasing their second children’s book ‘Dadhim the slightly different-looking dolphin’.
FBA Chief Executive Officer Paul Birch said almost 1,500 copies had been sold of their first children’s book ‘Oh Dear, That’s My Rear’ featuring the iconic bum-breathing, Fitzroy River Turtle.
“The success of our first children’s book highlighted a need to tell local stories about our iconic and threatened animals in a fun, engaging and educational way,” said Mr Birch.
“Like the Fitzroy River Turtle, the Australian Snubfin Dolphin is quite unusual in both its looks and behaviour.
“It is very different to more common local dolphin species, and like the bum-breathing turtle, it also faces significant threats.
“Australian Snubfin dolphins live near the murkier waters of river mouths, rather than in open water. Our local Snubfins are the southernmost population of this little-understood species, and consists of about 80 individuals.”
The new book builds on the FLOW Visitors Centre education program and features Dadhim, a shy dolphin who lives in the Fitzroy Delta and wants to join the cool Tag Team, a gang of other species that researchers have ‘tagged’ in order to learn more about them.
“This Easter, why not support a local story and keep your kids entertained for a lot longer than your average chocolate egg will,” said Mr Birch. “Our new book is only $16 and makes a terrific gift.”
Both books are available through FLOW Visitors Centre now, though initial supply is limited for the Dolphin book so get in quick. From late April, both books will be available at selected stockists throughout the region.
To purchase your copy, visit FLOW Visitors Centre from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm Tuesdays to Fridays, excluding Good Friday.
FBA supports the Capricorn Cetaceans Project and their research into the Australian Snubfin Dolphin population in the Fitzroy Delta. You can help by reporting sightings of the Snubfin Dolphin at
FLOW’s upcoming school holiday program will feature the Snubfin Dolphin and their habitat and will include lots of fun and free activities.
For more information on the Australian Snubfin Dolphin, visit FLOW Visitors Centre, Old Rockhampton Post Office, corner of East and Denham Streets or our fact page.