New Grazing BMP format designed for busy graziers

A new round of Grazing BMP workshops will be rolled out next week across Central Queensland with a new two-day format designed to allow graziers to complete the full set of modules in one go, rather than trying to schedule different blocks of time over months to complete the program.
The new Accelerated Grazing BMP Program involves a range of speakers presenting the latest information on legislation and management of grazing enterprises today including Steve Banney of Steve Banney Agribusiness, Matt Brown and Jo Gangemi of Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Lyndal Rolfe from the Fitzroy Basin Association.
According to Steve Banney the workshops are an important way for graziers to hear from a great range of speakers on information needed to operate their businesses, like Workcover, OH&S, Animal Welfare, Grazing Land Management, animal production and soil health.
“People really appreciate the latest information, and I know personally that many have gone away from the workshops and said ‘we really need to get more serious about the business of grazing’,” Mr Banney said.
According to Mr Banney the most important paddock on any grazing property is the office.
“My message is that someone in the family has to spend quality time in the office, not just on the mundane things like wages, but working on benchmarking and reporting on where the business is at and where it needs to be,” he said.
“There is a real distortion if people rely on bank account records and statements or taxation accounts, so I stress that there needs to a set of management accounts which gives a real market value of the business.”
Grazing BMP Project Manager Peter Long urges any graziers who have not yet undertaken the Grazing BMP modules to seriously consider taking the two days to get them done in this new round of Accelerated Grazing BMP.
“The new programs have been designed for busy graziers, giving them the opportunity to get up to speed quickly on the legislation and information required to operate a successful grazing business today,” Mr Long said.
The workshop dates are: 10/11 March Boyne Calliope; 11/12 March Mackenzie River; 12/13 March Moranbah. Phone (07) 49210 573 or for details.