Grazing Best Management Practice

Grazing BMP is a FREE, industry-led series of training modules that allows you to evaluate your business and develop a plan for improvement.

Grazing BMP is an initiative of FBA, AgForce and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Developed in central Queensland, the modules are based on current research, industry knowledge, and input from graziers. You can work through each self-assessment module on your own or in a relaxed workshop setting with other graziers.

Visit the Grazing BMP website to learn more and register NOW!

Why do Grazing BMP?

Benefits to you:
  • Fine tune your business performance through benchmarking individual practices against industry ‘best practice’.
  • Identify opportunities and develop a plan to improve your business performance.
  • Use past performance and current performance indicators to assess benefits of property and management changes.
  • Access leading industry information and expert support.
Benefits to the grazing industry:
  • Sharing lessons, insights, developments and solutions between landholders.
  • Demonstrating leading practice and stewardship to supply chain, consumers, community and government.
  • Helping Government and investors understand the value of the grazing industry on a statewide, catchment, sub-catchment or grazing landtype basis.
  • Building baseline data to help the Grazing BMP Partnership and associated government agencies better prioritise future investment in research, development and extension.
Hear what Grazing BMP participants have to say about the program:

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