Planning for a future of change

Central Queensland is experiencing profound change in our communities, industries, land uses and climate. The Central Queensland Sustainability Strategy 2030 (CQSS:2030) is building on previous strategies to ensure our region can face the challenges ahead and continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders.
Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is facilitating the development of CQSS:2030 through funding from the Australian Government. The strategy draws on the best available knowledge so we can work together to protect our region’s natural assets, as it is vital for our region’s continued balanced growth.
There are numerous drivers of regional change and potential pressures and risks to our region’s natural assets. CQSS:2030 is a long-term vision for our region and has been prepared through extensive consultation with scientists, stakeholders and our community. You can read the strategy and provide comment on it at
Your input on the plan is vital to ensuring the strategy meets all our stakeholders’ needs.
Our region supports diverse landscapes, industries and communities and we work hard to ensure the longevity and health of our entire region. FBA is working with their local delivery partners to ensure the long-term health of our environments, industries, communities and culture.
FBA has produced a short film about the work they do with our communities and why it is so important. You can find it at