New project to protect Lower Fitzroy creek banks

This year FBA is launching a new project through funding from the Australian Government and delivered through Reef Trust to help graziers protect creek banks from erosion in the Lower Fitzroy.

Focusing on creeks in the high-priority Lower Fitzroy sub-catchments, FBA project manager Rachel Bryan says this project aims to protect banks and reduce sediment loss to benefit landholders and everyone downstream.

“We know actively eroding creek banks contribute significantly to the sediment load in our waterways and onto our Great Barrier Reef.” says Rachel.
“Our greatest insurance against sediment loss is keeping banks well vegetated. Because creeks and gullies recieve higher water flow especially in big rain events, they often suffer the greatest level of erosion.”
Rachel explains that while sediment in our waterways has negative impacts on water quality and the Great Barrier Reef, it also has a real cost to landholders and the community in general.
“If your soil is in the creek it’s pretty obvious you can’t grow anything useful from it. There’s also a negative impact on scenic amenity and recreational opportunity, as well as costs to manage or rectify any problems.” she says.
The goal is to safeguard creeks in high-priority areas before erosion problems start as prevention is always more cost-effective and successful than remediation works once soil is lost.
“Australia has some of the most highly erodible soils in the world, and because of our climate and geology, we have some of the slowest forming soils too.  Making sure it doesn’t wash downstream now is safeguarding our future.”

Project activities that can be funded through the new program include:

  • stream bank and gully fencing
  • revegetation works
  • sediment filters
  • off-stream watering points
  • whoaboys and diversion banks
  • and training in forage management

All graziers are encouraged to enquire about their eligibility to receive assistance. Priority area maps and more information is contained in the downloadable Project Outline available here.