Learn about our region’s waterways online to celebrate World Rivers Day

With over 20,000km of creeks and rivers flowing through it, the Fitzroy Region is the largest river system draining Australia’s east coast, and the largest catchment draining into the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever makes its way down our drains, creeks and rivers not only impacts the plants and animals living there, it flows on to impact us and the reef too.

No water, no life. Our regional waterways are incredibly important for people, our native plants and animals, landscapes, and our industries. We need freshwater for drinking, to produce and grow our food, keep clean, and manufacture nearly everything including our electricity!

No water, no life.

The Fitzroy River (or Tunuba in Darumbal language) flows through central Queensland’s main town Rockhampton before it reaches the sea.

The fourth Sunday of every September is World Rivers Day – so take this Sunday (25 September) to appreciate the value of our waterways and look after them. Below are four fantastic online resources to help you learn more about the waterways in central Queensland, what lives in them, and how to care for and protect them throughout the year.

  1. Find out how healthy our regional waterways are through Fitzroy Partnership for River Health’s annual report cards.
  2. Learn about the different types of waterways and threats to their health via the Central Queensland Sustainablility Strategy 2030 Freshwater Asset page.
  3. Explore Fitzroy Basin Association’s Waterways and Wetlands directory which has links to other useful websites as well as projects underway in the Fitzroy to look after our waterways.
  4. Check out the Wetlands Education Toolkit and other great teaching resources at Queensland Government’s WetlandInfo website.