I spy with my little eye… something beginning with ‘B’!

You don’t have to be a pro to take part in citizen science this Aussie Bird Count week (17-23 October). All you need is 20 minutes, the free App, your favourite outdoor space and your eyes!

Every year, novice and professional bird watchers are encouraged to take part in the Aussie Bird Count to help track and monitor Australia’s bird populations. It’s something anyone can do, and as simple as sitting or standing in one spot for 20 minutes, and counting all the different birds you see in that time. For more experienced bird enthusiasts, identifying who’s about by their calls is also encouraged!

Once you’ve tallied your count, you can either submit your results via the online form, or use the Aussie Bird Count App. The App has the added bonus of a handy field guide to help you identify the birds you see.

Why not make your bird counts a family or class activity!?

The Aussie Bird Count website hosts links to a great selection of online resources, lesson plans, and gardening tips! It also has an informative Frequently asked questions page which explains what the bird count is about, and has useful tips for those who are participating for the first time and need help with:

  • Bird ID
  • How to count
  • the website or App
The rainbow lorikeet is hard to miss with its rainbow colours and animated (sometimes drunken) behaviour. Photo: James Mascott