FBA’s Popular Paddock Record Book Updated

FBA is proud to release the second edition of their paddock record-keeping book.

The record book was one of seven designed in 2019 for CQ graziers to keep track of important decision-making information. Since 2019, 3,000+ record books have been requested and distributed to CQ graziers to help them monitor and manage their land and business.

The second edition of the record book has been greatly improved thanks to the generous feedback from local graziers and FBA’s dedication to constant improvement.

FBA launched seven record-keeping books in 2019 to coincide with the newly released Reef protection guidelines and requirements. The books were designed to assist land managers to meet these requirements while helping them to maximise their pasture production, land condition and animal performance. The new edition keeps true to the founding purpose while allowing graziers to record more data than ever before.

So, what’s new?

The book is a more convenient size than the first edition. It has a divider that separates one year of data from the next and has a pocket in the back that’s designed to hold a property map and CQ Production Planner.

The second edition combines FBA’s Paddock Records and Total Stock Inventory books – featuring paddock condition and total stock inventory data entry pages. It also includes four new data entry pages (rainfall, paddock condition, paddock improvement) and a graph to track stocking rate vs rainfall.

How it helps graziers improve productivity and sustainability

FBA agriculture team works with CQ land managers to help them adopt best practice land management. The key to this is monitoring and making timely strategic decisions. Tracking and understanding how uncontrollable elements (i.e., weather) are performing, allows graziers to make proactive and timely choices that benefit growers’ bottom line and the condition of their land.

How to get a copy

Central Queensland graziers are encouraged to fill in the form below to request a Paddock Book. A member of FBA’s Agriculture Team will reach out to schedule an obligation-free property visit. During this visit the technical advisor will explain how to get the most out of the record book and (if you’re interested) link you to other helpful resources or programs designed at improving productivity.

2023 Paddock Record Book Request


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