Weevils: the biocontrol measure for weeds in the Fitzroy

They may not look like much, but these fingernail-sized weevils are the perfect solution to aquatic weeds.

Water hyacinth, salvinia & water lettuce are under attack, being the only food sources that these weevils enjoy.
Wind back the clock to only a few decades ago, the Fitzroy River was the site of a water hyacinth infestation – with the aquatic weed dispersed from one side of the river to the other.
With partnerships, constant monitoring and perseverance, the infestation is currently being managed very effectively. These weevils tackle aquatic weeds by laying their larvae in the plant stems, killing the weed entirely.

In an exciting partnership, FBA provided $20,000 of the Australian Government’s Reef program funding to extend the number of tanks managed by Rockhampton Regional Council.

Fitzroy Basin Association’s Environment Leader, Shannon van Nunen, said the team were proud to work with Council to roll out such a proactive program.

This biocontrol facility is a fantastic example of a self-sufficient solution, with proven long-term outcomes beneficial to the landholder, the lagoon and the environment,” he said.

For further details on the program, including how to trial the biocontrol method on your property, contact Council on 1300 22 55 77.

The biocontrol measure has improved water quality – with widespread benefits extending to improved fishery habitats and reduced breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

If your property suffers from an infestation of aquatic weeds, contact Rockhampton Regional Council for a property inspection. This biocontrol measure is free, self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and long-term!