The Reef – Youth Engagement

A survey undertaken by Livingstone Shire Council in 2015 identified that, whilst many young people were interested in making positive changes and contributing to the conservation of the local environment, a very small number were engaged in activities. This pointed to a lack of appropriate youth focussed and youth-led activities on offer on the Capricorn Coast.

Proposed strategies:

  • A youth-led Junior Landcare program
  • A youth-led Reef Festival

Result from reduction of identified threat:

Both strategies emphasised the need for young people on the Capricorn Coast to be empowered and resourced to drive their own conservation activities. Each project seeks to achieve strong youth engagement in Reef protection. 

Youth Led Junior Landcare Program

This initiative was the vision of a high school student and members of local youth group GenYadaba. It aims to achieve a genuinely youth-led platform for young people to co-create and have a voice around local environmental issues. It is envisaged this will also lead to the development of leadership, youth stewardship, on-ground action and a renewed energy throughout existing groups.

Reef Festival

The GenYadaba team’s discussion evolved from a music festival into a much larger Reef Festival! To gain greater youth engagement for Reef protection, the team decided that the best way to identify performers and exhibitors for the event would be through a youth talent and art quest. On the theme ‘What does the Reef mean to you?’, the talent quest aims to identify passionate and talented local youths. The Festival also plans to include sustainability workshops, a beach clean-up and zero waste food stalls. Local businesses will also be invited to showcase their eco-friendly and sustainable wares.

Project Status:
GenYadaba have joined forces with the Sandy Krak Festival to create a 100% eco-friendly festival now known as the ‘Sandy Krak Reef Festival’. Intertwining art, music, dance, sustainability and looking after the Reef, the festival is scheduled for Saturday 22 May 2021.

Visit the event’s website for more information and to buy tickets.

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The Capricorn Coast Reef Community Action Plan project is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation with support from Capricornia Catchments and Fitzroy Basin Association.