A healthy you starts with healthy soils

The health of everyone and everything around you depends on the quality of our soil.
By world standards, Australia’s soils are comparatively old and fragile… they’re nowhere near as rich as other countries which means growing food in our backyards and agricultural systems can be a tricky business, especially considering soils vary greatly depending on how and where they formed, where they settle in the landscape and surrounding weather patterns and climate.
Australia’s native plants and animals have adapted well to Australian soils, but our modern-day crops, livestock and bellies haven’t. That is why there is so much need to add particular nutrients and minerals to our paddocks and backyard veggie patches.  But as luck would have it, nature is actually on our side… cultivating healthy soil biology (bugs, microbes and bacteria) can help increase the availability of nutrients and minerals to plants, cutting down supplementation and watering requirements and resulting in more productive soils.
Whether you’re growing a few herbs, a permaculture garden or a large-scale agricultural enterprise, healthy soils are the basis of success and our long-term health. It pays to know how to keep them that way… that is why FBA have invited international farmer, lecturer and author Joel Salatin to Central Queensland. For a highly discounted rate (webinar viewing $50, two-day event $170) you now have opportunity to learn key principles from one of the world’s leading farmers in keeping soils in top condition and food systems productive.