FBA’s Farming for the Future Forum

Building resilience through Agriculture

In mid-July 2022 the inaugural FBA’s Farming for the Future Forum was held over three days in Rockhampton. Designed for Fitzroy farmers, the event featured some of the best minds in Australian Agriculture and focused on improving pasture, soil and animal health.

Guest Speakers

Day One – Learning from the best and networking

Guest speakers introduced key challenges, concepts and solutions. This information created foundational knowledge that was built on over the course of the forum.

Topic included:

  • Soil sponge – how water and carbon cycles interact
  • Soil health, pasture degradation and pasture dieback
  • Changes to the Fitzroy hydrology and the loss of rainfall
  • How to farm with less rain and a changed hydrology

Day Two – Results in action

Attendees visited two local properties that are successfully practising the regenerative agriculture solutions discussed on Day One of the Forum. Peter Andrews OAM, Walter Jehne and the property owners and managers openly shared key learnings and regional-specific insights while answering plenty of questions.

Dinner Discussions – the connection between farming and health

After a massive day in the paddock, forum attendees joined other guests for a dinner event.

The exclusive event featured Dr Gundi Rhoades and local vet, Dr Cherie Gooding, who discussed how healthy ecosystems foster healthy people. Dr Gundi and Dr Cherie are both vets, mothers, and passionate about the connection between soil and human health.

The event was a brilliant opportunity for attendees to reflect on the invaluable role farmers play in nurturing a healthy ecosystem and population.

Day Three – Appling knowledge to create a custom plan

Combining everything learnt in the classroom and in the paddock attendees worked with guest speakers, peers and FBA staff to create a plan for their property. Attendees left the forum with a renewed sense of focus and hope.

Keep an eye on FBA’s website and social media platform for the 2023 Forum!