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Thanks for deciding to become an FBA Volunteer!
Before you commence any on-ground work please…

  1. Read the relevant policies and procedures below
  2. Return a completed Volunteer Registration Form and Agreement to admin@fba.org.au

    Download a PDF copy of the form

    Download a Word Document copy of the form

  3. Schedule a Volunteer induction with your FBA contact

FBA Volunteer Handbook

August 2020

The Volunteer Handbook is a summary of FBA’s Policies & Procedures relative to engaging and managing Volunteers for Project works. This booklet is an essential resource offered to FBA’s regular volunteers and to supervisors of both ad-hoc and regular volunteers to ensure that the time shared with FBA is a rewarding experience.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

FBA is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all workers, and other persons, so far as reasonably practicable. This will be achieved by management and employees working together, following a program of health and safety activities and procedures which are monitored, reviewed and audited to achieve best practice.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance

Certificate of Currency

Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance provides cover to FBA volunteers. The attached policy outlines your scope of cover.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to describe the standards of behaviour and conduct expected from workplace participants in their dealings with landholders, stakeholders, community, coworkers, management and the general public. This Policy applies to all employees, agents and contractors (including temporary contractors) of the organisation, collectively referred to in this Policy as ‘workplace participants’.

Performance and Misconduct Policy

The objectives of FBA’s performance and misconduct policy are to: (a) correct and/or improve the standard of conduct of an employee where appropriate or necessary; and (b) provide any particular employee with an opportunity to correct unacceptable conduct (other than in situations where summary dismissal is appropriate).

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

FBA aims to provide an environment where employees and others in the workplace are treated fairly, with respect and are free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, vilification and bullying. This Policy applies to all employees, agents and contractors (including temporary contractors) of the organisation, collectively referred to in this Policy as ‘workplace participants’.

Human Resource Policies

The Human Resource Policies Suite has been developed by Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA). FBA shall be referred to as “The Organisation”, “The Employer”, “The Employer Organisation” interchangeably throughout the policies. Exceptions are noted throughout the policies to capture organisation specific conditions for a particular aspect of that policy. Only when an Exception for a specific organisation is listed will the policy in its entirety not apply to all employees. Where an organisation does not have an employee with the specific title listed in the policy, the responsibility will revert to the Executive Officer of the organisation.

Code of Conduct
Anti-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
Performance and Misconduct Policy
Dress Policy
Employer Property Policy
Induction Policy
Staff Training and Development Policy
Vehicle Policy
Health and Wellbeing Policy
Disclosure of Personal Information Policy
Children in the Workplace Policy
Health Information Collection Policy
Volunteer Engagement Policy
Performance Review Policy

Workplace Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Workplace Health and Safety Policies and Procedures Overview
Workplace Health and Safety Policy
Safe Work Procedure COVID-19 Pandemic
Safe Work Procedure Working On In or Near Water
Emergency Management Procedure
Emergency Evacuation Policy and Procedures
Incident Report and Investigation Procedure
Risk Management Procedure
First Aid Policy
Vehicle Safety Policy
Fatigue Management Procedure
Field Work Policy
Emergency Location Beacons Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Smoke-Free Policy
Workplace Bullying Policy
Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Policy
Manual Handling and Ergonomics Procedure
Housekeeping Policy
Electrical Safety Policy
WHS Training Policy
WH&S Record and Documentation Control Procedure