Final chance: Capricorn-Curtis Coast environmental values submissions

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a final say on the environmental values and water quality objectives for Capricorn-Curtis Coast region waters.
Do you use these waters for fishing, boating, recreation and enjoyment, farming or irrigation?
If so, this is the local community’s final chance to ensure all the different values or uses of rivers, creeks, wetlands, aquifers estuaries and coastal areas for the Capricorn-Curtis Coast have been covered.
Draft environmental values have already been identified to describe why we care about water and what we use it for through many meetings, with many different people but it’s not too late to still have your say.
Community-developed and endorsed information arising from this consultation process will be included in state legislation with the goal of better managing water quality in the region.
The study area includes waters of the Styx, Shoalwater, Waterpark, Calliope, Boyne and Curtis Island basins, and adjacent estuarine and Great Barrier Reef coastal waters (including Gladstone Harbour, Keppel Bay and Shoalwater Bay). This work is being undertaken under the Environmental Protection (Water) Policy 2009.
Visit the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection website to have your say by 16 June 2014.