Caring for Moores Creek

Moores Creek, filtering from Mount Archer, through North Rockhampton, into the Fitzroy River and out to the Great Barrier Reef,  has a residential footprint of about 3715 households.

The everyday, routine habits adopted by these households and businesses have a substantial impact on the water quality entering the ocean.
There are a number of ways your household can have a positive impact – read more here:

The residential footprint of Moores Creek

The site holds large natural appeal, utilised by a number of community organisations and the general public for recreational uses. Over the past five years, the Caring for Creeks programme, delivered by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) has substantially enhanced the long-term sustainability of Moores Creek.

Holly Lambert, FBA’s Community Partnership Coordinator, says the project has changed the composition of three of the region’s most utilized urban catchments.

The effects of this project will be enjoyed by generations to come,” she said.

“FBA are most proud of the relationships we have built as a result of this funding. We have partnered with community groups, traditional owners, volunteers, industry, education providers and local governments to achieve a decade’s worth of work in half the time.”

Fish passages and revegetation have dominated the works undertaken at Moores Creek as part of  a five year project and $1 million investment by the Australian Government’s Reef Programme.

Key objectives of the program funding included enhancing water quality draining into the Great Barrier Reef and supporting community partnerships to maximize long term benefits. Over five years, $1 million was delivered on ground to improve fish habitats, undertake weed control, riparian revegetation, implement erosion control and debris removal.

We’ve used the funding to empower communities to become custodians for their creeks,” said Holly.

“Creeks are nature’s playground and their appeal lies in their biodiversity. FBA’s hope is that communities living in each of these catchments now understand the role they play in protecting these waterways and the close link they share with the Great Barrier Reef.”

FBA have also developed a comprehensive Restoration Guide to assist communities in caring for their local native habitats, promoting sustainability and offering a more complete picture for ecosystem health. You can read or download the full Restoration Guide here.
One one the key supporters of the success at Moores Creek has been Rockhampton Regional Council. Read more about how Rockhampton Regional Council are supporting this project here.

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