Working dogs prove their value in CQ workshops


Neil McDonald led a series of Advanced Livestock courses in May

Fortifying the relationship between livestock and land management, a series of Advanced Livestock Movement workshops supported by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) experienced enormous success throughout May in central Queensland.
The workshops, held in Clermont, Wandoan and Gracemere were led by Neil McDonald, from Keith, SA and were fully booked out at all three locations.
Promoting the harmonious and regular transition of livestock, Neil’s method endorses the rest and recovery of pastures, improving soil quality and holistic land management techniques.
Empowering landholders is central to Neil’s training, enabling an agricultural enterprise to expel less energy units into moving stock, while also improving livestock welfare.
Ellie Carter, Land Management Officer at FBA, says the core message of workshops such as these is sustainability.

“Looking after the land ensures viability and longevity,” she said.
“Everything comes down to sustainability of the industry and the environment. FBA are proud to support courses that align with the long term vision of sustainability and positive land management.”

Neil McDonald, who has been delivering training to landholders for almost three decades, says the sooner behavioural training begins, the safer the operation.
“Occupational health and safety, profitability, animal welfare, enjoyment and staff or family retention should be the key drivers in a business’s decision making.”
“By handling weaners correctly weight gains will increase, bruising and dark cutting will decrease and the safety of staff will increase,” he said.
Key focus points for the two day courses included the Sustainability of the Agricultural Industry, Weaner Training and Movement, Creating a Trainer Mob, Getting the most out of your Current Dogs, The Importance of Passing Knowledge On, Mob Structure and Mentality, 6 Key Points to Moving Livestock Effectively.
The Advanced Livestock Movement Management Courses were delivered by FBA with funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and Reef Trust.
If there is a course you would like delivered to your area within the Fitzroy Basin, express your interest by contacting the Grazing team at FBA at (07) 4999 2800.
“We thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a fantastic initiative by the Fitzroy Basin Association to run a course like this” – Nikki Mahony from Gyranda Pastoral
“I really enjoyed the course at Hillview Station, it was very informative and it was well organised and presented; looking forward to continue doing more courses.” – MillerLady Toro from Kelvin Downs