The Reef – Emissions Reduction

Although different in their approaches, two groups from the Community workshop proposed emission reduction strategies to mitigate climate change threats to the Reef.

Responding to current and future impacts of climate change necessitates a range of strategies at a variety of scales. Key local contributors to emissions identified were food production and food waste. Through greater awareness and improved practices at a community level, the following projects see the Capricorn Coast playing an active role in addressing this global issue. There is also a desire and vision to see the Capricorn Coast recognised as the “wellness centre” of central Queensland for all-round wellbeing and resilience.   

Proposed strategies:

  • Increase human connection and environmental stewardship through an intergenerational permaculture project
  • Community composting facility to reduce emissions from food waste on the Capricorn Coast

Result from reduction of identified threat:

These initiatives aim to tackle the biggest threat to the Reef: climate change! There is considerable scope for these new project concepts to value add to existing activities, encouraging the community to take local action to protect the Reef from the impacts of climate change.

Intergenerational Permaculture Project

This project wants the Capricorn Coast to be recognised as the “wellness centre” of central Queensland. It seeks to engage the broader community through existing and new platforms to develop an awareness of permaculture design principles. This will support the Capricorn Coast community to understand and take action on the emissions produced through conventional food production. Proposed activities include family open days, working bees, farmers markets, education programs in schools, farm tours and more.

Community Composting Facility

Early engagement of stakeholders in the planning stages of this project will be important to ensure buy in and long-term environmental stewardship through support of a community composting facility. A Food Waste Working Group will lead the process of determining the most appropriate facility for Capricorn Coast residents. A reduction in emissions generated by food waste will be achieved through use of the facility, as well as improved community awareness of the issues associated with food waste.     

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Permaculture Project Road Map
Community Composting Facility Road Map
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The Capricorn Coast Reef Community Action Plan project is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation with support from Capricornia Catchments and Fitzroy Basin Association.