Share the costs* of eligible farm services

FBA help to build sustainable rural businesses in the Fitzroy.
To help landholders do so, we are seeking to connect farmers with specialists in profitable, productive and sustainable land management.

Need help in one of the following areas?
– regenerative agriculture
– finance and economics
– holistic management
– erosion control
– business and property planning
– landscape restoration
– soil health and improvement
– pasture management
– environmental offsets
– stock nutrition
– record keeping
– industry and market accreditation
– grazing land management
– permaculture

Am I eligible?
The program is open to any landholder within the Fitzroy NRM region (see map below)

How much of the costs are shared?
Costs may be shared from 30% and up to 70%, depending on relevant sustainability outcomes.

How do I apply?
Enquire with us!

Or call
Reece Brooks – FBA Grazing Coordinator
(07) 4999 2800