Horticulture Best Management Practice

Hort360 is a FREE, industry-led series of training modules that allows you to evaluate your business and develop a plan for improvement.

Supported by Growcom, Hort360 is a voluntary program designed to give you a 360 degree view of your farm business operations. By answering a series of questions, you’ll be provided with guidance on where to next.

Visit the Hort360 website to learn more and register NOW!

Why do Hort360?

Benefits to you:
  • Fine tune your business performance through benchmarking individual practices against industry ‘best practice’.
  • Identify opportunities and develop a plan to improve your business performance.
  • Use past performance and current performance indicators to assess benefits of property and management changes.
  • Access leading industry information and expert support.
Benefits to the horticultural industry:
  • Sharing lessons, insights, developments and solutions to between landholders.
  • Demonstrating leading practice and stewardship to supply chain, consumers, community and government.
  • Helping Government and investors understand the value of the horticultural industry on a statewide, catchment, sub-catchment or landtype basis.
  • Building baseline data to help the Hort360 rogram and associated government agencies better prioritise future investment in research, development and extension.
Other opportunities:

By completing the Reef Trust module of Hort360 you may also be eligible for up to $5,000 to help co-fund practice changes that reduce nutrient, sediment and pesticide run-off from your property. Conditions do apply – to find out more, visit Growcom’s website or contact Hort360.