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Annual Report 13-14

2013-2014 FBA Annual Report

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Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. Celebrating our 21-year Journey

Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. Celebrating our 21-year Journey - History Book

The story of Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is as interesting as the Fitzroy river system itself. There have been occasions where the organisation has meandered all over the landscape, many times been an ephemeral state yet always returning to flood due to the hard work and passion of the staff and community. This history book 'Celebrating our 21-year journey' encapsulates the aim of FBA since inception and illustrates our beautiful landscape for all to see.

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Annual Report 14-15

2014-2015 FBA Annual Report

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Annual Report 15-16

2015-2016 FBA Annual Report

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FBA’s Flow Centre

FBA's Flow Centre

Fitzroy Basin Association’s Flow Centre is Australia’s only permanently housed Natural Resource Management display. Located in the heart of Rockhampton the centre tells an important story of the region’s natural assets, and what must be done to protect them.

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Supporting landholders to save their soils and the reef

Project Snapshot - Gully Remediation in the Fitzroy

PROJECT SUMMARY • Over 190 landholders canvassed, 44 landholders engaged across five Fitzroy subcatchments • 176 property visits and 56 site assessments • 53 erosion management plans developed • 3,441 hectares of gullies and vulnerable land (i.e. scalds) fenced for stock exclusion • 140 hectares of gullies treated through erosion control structures • 652 erosion control structures constructed • Four demonstration site field days to promote gully remediation and soil saving management practices

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