Managing erosion and improving water quality by fencing waterways

Managing erosion and improving water quality by fencing waterways

The Turichs 3,000 acre property has been in their family for 150 years. Fourth and fifth generation graziers Peter and Matt Turich run 350 head of cattle, predominantly breeders. They've installed riparian fencing with support from FBA to keep cattle out of waterways and reduce erosion issues on their property. They've found that by having the ability to control cattle access, they can manage sediment run off and water quality on their property. With the additional fencing, they're now looking to move to a rotational grazing system to improve their pastures and soils, their product as well as managing sediment and protecting water quality. By doing this ground cover will improve and precious nutrients found in the top soil won't be washed downstream when it rains. Next they're looking to pump to a trough at a high point. This will allow them to ensure all of their cattle have access to clean and good quality water. The Turichs have seen the value of keeping cattle out of waterways through this project with FBA funded through the Reef Rescue component of the Australian Government's Caring for Our Country initiative. They recognise that what they do on their property not only benefits their business but is important to help maintain the health of the Boyne River system.

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