From the beach to the bush: A young person’s perspective on caring for the environment

From the beach to the bush: A young person's perspective on caring for the environment

Brooke, 13, lives on a cattle property in Central Queensland, while Amy, 14, lives at the beach. Completely opposite lifestyles and upbringings yet the girls discovered they are very similar after spending a day in each other’s shoes. Brooke visited Amy at the beach and learnt to paddle board and later that day Amy visited Brooke's family property to spend time with the cattle, grooming the horse and collecting the chook eggs. Both girls care about the environment and our future and share their thoughts. There's something about witnessing the passion of the next generation and their drive to protect the environment that inspires each of us to do more, and think more about what can be done to protect it for future generations... Together we can protect our assets, support our growth and plan for our future. Visit for more information and to get involved!

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