Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan – Agriculture

Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan - Agriculture

The Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP:2015) has been developed to improve water quality in the Fitzroy Basin Region to protect the Great Barrier Reef. WQIP:2015 will cover the Fitzroy Basin and coastal catchments (Styx, Shoalwater, Waterpark Creek, Boyne and Calliope) as well as adjacent marine waters. The plan sets water quality targets for the region, identifies priority areas to undertake works and recommends management actions to improve water quality. It will guide investments in our region to improve water quality and help restore the health of the Reef. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry lead a team of scientists to undertake a mixed methods approach to determine the priority areas in the catchment that sediment could be reduced in the most cost effective way. This was undertaken across the grazing and farming industry for all 192 neighbourhood catchments in the Fitzroy Region, including coastal catchments. WQIP:2015 has been developed by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. through funding from the Australian Government's Reef Programme.

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