What you can do to help

There is plenty you can do to prevent the spread of pest plants and animals, and help keep them under control. Below are some practical tips that can make a big difference.

  • Get to know the pest plants and animals in your area, and how to identify and control them. There are many great tools and links available on FBA’s resources page.
  • Report pest animals when and where you see them using FeralScan online or download the pest mapping app.
  • Become familiar with National strategies and State listings that aim to reduce weed spread, and help others understand why it’s important.
  • Buy only registered plants and animals through an approved supplier, and avoid buying plants that can turn into weeds if they escape.
  • When you’re out and about, stay on designated roads, tracks and walkways (driving and walking off track increases your chance of picking up and transporting weed seeds).
  • Join or support a local community group, or volunteer in your area to help control pest plants and animals.

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