Population demographics

Fitzroy Region is home to approximately 235,500 people* (just over 5% of Queensland’s total population) and has an estimated 154 schools**.

A little more than one third of the region’s population lives in Rockhampton Regional Council area which centers around the region’s largest town Rockhampton. The most current and detailed information about population demographics for each Local Government Area within the Fitzroy Region can be found at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

You can also download PDFs of Fitzroy Region’s age distribution and schools, population distribution and remoteness by clicking on the images below:


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* Population data correct as of 27/09/2018. Data source: Census of Population and Housing, 2016, © Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, 2018.
** Schools data correct as of 27/09/2018. Data source: https://qed.qld.gov.au/publications/reports/statistics/schooling/schools.