One-on-one Property Visits

If your grazing business is located in the Fitzroy Basin, you have the opportunity to receive free tailored one-on-one training support from an FBA Land Management Officer (LMO).

Our highly skilled technical grazing LMOs can provide support with:  

  • Selection and setting up of monitoring sites
  • Assessing land condition
  • Setting up your property within the Stocktake app or other software
  • Pasture budgeting and setting groundcover, residual pasture and land condition targets
  • Erosion control advice

Our goals for the one on one visits are to get you feeling confident and competent in areas such as budgeting your available pasture, monitoring, using the Stocktake app or assessing your land condition in your paddocks. We aim to strengthen your skills and help you address anything that might be holding you back from being a more profitable and sustainable business.

If you are interested in learning how to effectively apply any of the practices mentioned above on your property or if you have something else that you need support in (e.g. mapping, pasture identification, infrastructure design) enquire now.

One-on-one Property Visits

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Please note that availability will be based on FBA staff member’s calendars.