Industry Experts & FBA Beef2021 Staff

Dan Rea

FBA Science Engagement Officer and Climate Mate for Fitzroy

Dan helps landholders use tools that improve their understanding of weather and climate forecasts. Learn how Dan can help you to make better weather dependent decisions for your property.

Andrew Lewis

FBA Extension Leader

FBA works with land managers to help them improve the profitability of their properties. Starting with soils, Andrew can help you find simple and cost-effective solutions that improve your bottom line.

Reece Brooks

FBA Land Management Coordinator

From pest management to large-scale erosion control structures Reece can provide you with tailored information and advice. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the services and support available to you.

Bronwyn Brunton

Ag Services Officer

Responsible for coordinating and leading a team of Land Management Officers, Bronwyn oversees the promotion and uptake of FBA’s Agricultural Services. Talk to Bronwyn about insight into practice change barriers on your property.

Rachel Bryan

Systems Repair Coordinator

Rachel is a highly specialised and experienced water quality scientist who has been a Natural Resource Management professional for over 11 years. Ask Rachel about erosion control structures and riparian management.

Kate Jackson

Land Management Officer

Kate is responsible for assisting with the delivery of technical and extension support to landholders to promote the adoption of best practice grazing land management. Ask Kate about land, livestock and business practices that deliver sustainable and profitable outcomes.

Meg Anderson

Land Management Officer

Meg is a young professional with a family background in the agricultural industry and a passion for wildlife and livestock. Chat to Meg about land management solutions and training opportunities that will improve the productivity of your business.

Kate McLucas

Land Management Officer

An accomplished service professional in the agricultural industry, Kate is deeply committed to delivering support to regional and rural communities. Ask Kate about increasing community participation in natural resource management.

Casey Spencer

Land Management Officer

As an FBA Land Management Officer, Casey assist with the provision of technical support and extension to landholders to promote the adoption of best practice grazing land management. Casey is passionate about Regenerative Agriculture and carbon sequestration, chat to her during Beef2021 to learn more.