How to Prevent and Remediate Gully Erosion – Educational Videos

To help landholders prevent and remediate gully erosion on their property we have teamed up with the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) to make a five-part video education series.

The videos feature soil conservation experts, John Day and Geoff Titmarsh, along with Land Management Officers from FBA and BMRG. In the five-part series, these experts explain simple best management solutions to prevent and heal erosion on Queensland soils.

The five-part series features:
Video 1 – Factors that Influence Gully Erosion
Video 2 – Property Planning for Gully Erosion Prevention
Video 3 – Assessing the Size of your Catchment for Erosion Control
Video 4 – Low Input Gully Remediation Methods
Video 5 – High Input Gully Remediation Methods

Watch the videos now:

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This project is supported by Fitzroy Basin Association and Burnett Mary Regional Group through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the Queensland Government Reef Water Quality program. Support was also provided by Enhanced Extension Coordination in GBR project and Regional Extension Coordinators.