Grazing inspiration session not to be missed

It’s all about the beef this week, so Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) has organised a special Grazing Best Management Practice (BMP) session at 3.30pm on Wednesday 6 May to provide the motivation, inspiration and information graziers need to get their enterprises to best-practice standards.
FBA Grazing BMP Manager Peter Long said inspirational speaker Sam Bailey – farmer, pilot, husband and best-selling author – will join with CQ grazier Julie-Anne Brown and AgForce’s Michael Taylor to hearten the most dispirited graziers, and excite them about Grazing BMP, the leading education program for the grazing industry.
“Join with Sam Bailey as he tells his life story, as a typical country boy with big dreams until a spinal injury changed everything.”
“Sam has gone on to live a life beyond his wildest dreams achieving not only as a farmer, but also a husband, best-selling author and a world first aviator.
“He will be accompanied by Julie Ann-Brown of Heart2J Cattle Company, a strong supporter of Grazing BMP, who is adamant the industry standards provided by the Program are a step in the right direction to ensure the industry has the consumer as its focus.
“AgForce’s Michael Taylor will then arm graziers with information needed to start their Grazing BMP journey. Click here to register,” he said.
See the event flyer for more information.
You can also drop into the Sydney Kidman Pavilion during Beef2015 to discuss Grazing BMP or learn more about the work FBA. Daily wildlife sessions from 10am to 11.30am and 12.30pm to 2.30pm will feature a range of local creatures, from black headed pythons to barn owls and blue tongue lizards.