Tony Coote AM Memorial Online Lecture with Allan Savory

THE MULLOON INSTITUTE is excited to announce that ALLAN SAVORY is the guest presenter of the 2020 Tony Coote AM Memorial Lecture which is being run as a virtual online event this year.

Allan is the founder of the globally recognised Savory Institute and the Centre for Holistic Management. The Savory Institute is a world leader in the education and implementation of regenerative agriculture around the globe, with Allan’s 2013 TED talk ‘How to fight desertification and reverse climate change’ being viewed over 7 million times.

Thousands of farmers and pastoralists around the globe have now adopted Holistic Management practices and conservation projects, NGOs, universities and government agencies across five continents are also practising regenerative agriculture to restore the environment.

Allan’s mission is to regenerate the world’s grasslands through Holistic Management. His long-term goal, which he is well on the way to achieving, is to positively influence the management of 1 billion hectares of grasslands by 2025, thereby contributing to global climate, water and food-security.

The Savory Institute has won a number of awards, the most recent being for the Land to Market program operated through the Savory hub, which was named Grand Champion at the NSW Landcare Awards in the category ‘Leadership in Application of Innovative Farming Practices’, as part of the Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Award.

The Land to Market initiative helps support farmers and land managers who are regenerating their land through livestock management. It provides a verified means of safeguarding biodiversity and provides an assessment and branding scheme to measure the health of soil, biodiversity and ecosystems. Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, an entity of the Mulloon Institute, is a member of the Land to Market Australia network.

The Savory Institute has recently developed the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) methodology as a tool for monitoring and verifying the ecological health of their primary production land. The verification is assessed through a number of land health criteria including soil health, biodiversity and ecosystem function. The EOV is the science within the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program.



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Event Times

07:30 pm - 08:30 pm Wednesday 16th September, 2020

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Disclaimer: This event is not an FBA run event. FBA is unable to accept responsibility for the conduct of this event and any associated changes.