Fully booked! RegenAG | FREE 3-Day Biofertiliser Course – Springsure

Offering world class coaching and extension support for farmers, councils and organisations, RegenAG empowers people with the skills and knowledge required to regenerate soil health and increase profitability.

In this 3-day workshop you will learn how to:

  •  Create wealth by reducing reliance on commercial inputs
  • Increase soil health
  • Improve crop resilience
  • Transition to regenerative agriculture production

About Kym Kruse
Kym is a designer, consultant and educator who works with farmers, government, schools, developers and indigenous communities. Kym’s purpose is to establish collaborative regional partnerships and farmer to farmer networks that support practice change. He is an entertaining speaker, passionate about thoughtful design and how Regenerative Agriculture can build the future for resilient, profitable, regenerative farming and urban communities.

Fully booked!