Pasture Dieback Climate Dry Season Planning – Moranbah

Key topics:
• Pasture Dieback (how to identify dieback and what to do about it)
• When is it likely to rain? How much?
• Find, use and assess relevant climate tools
• How are your pastures/cattle looking as we enter the ‘dry season’?
• Are your pastures going to stand up until we get a break in the season?
• What management options do you have at this time of year?
• Cost-benefit analysis of different options

Speakers include:

Nick Brazier – Agronomist (Sown Pastures)
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Dr. Chelsea Jarvis
University of Southern Queensland (USQ) NACP

Roxanne Morgan – Beef Extension
Officer Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Lara Landsberg – Economist
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

When – Wednesday, 12 May 2021 | 8:30am – 2pm
Where – Moranbah Bulldogs AFL Clubhouse, McCool Street
RSVP – | 0428981224

Event Times

08:30 am - 02:00 pm Wednesday 12th May, 2021

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Disclaimer: This event is not an FBA run event. FBA is unable to accept responsibility for the conduct of this event and any associated changes.