Low Stress Stock Handling Workshop – Middlemount

This two-day workshops will change the way you see and handle your stock resulting in economic benefit in the kilos gained.

In two short days achieve calm and confident management of livestock in all situations. Under the guidance of expert trainer Chook Kealey, attendees will learn how to promote harmony between man and animal in the working environment. These workshops are suited for all ages and experience levels; including highly competent stockpeople.

To learn more about Chook Kealey, or these workshops contact FBA’s Land Management Officer Meg Anderson.

Where – Pomegranate Creek, May Downs
When – 11-12 March 2019

Meg Anderson
0448 412 610

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Event Times

09:00 am - 05:00 pm Daily from 14th March, 2019 to 15th March, 2019

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