Landcare Farming Webinar Series

All you need to know about Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting

Date: Thursday September 7
Time: 11am
Facilitator: Angela Hammond, Landcare Farming Project Manager
Speaker(s): Dr Jim Radford (La Trobe University), Danny O’Brien (Integrated Futures), Angela Hawdon (Bush Heritage Australia)

Farm-scale natural capital accounts pave the way for rewarding farmers for nature-positive actions and sharing the cost-burden (above the production benefits) of maintaining or improving natural ecosystems on their farms.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will introduce the accounts and step through their development and the data contained within them. They will demonstrate the potential of the accounts to:

  • Inform farm management – the accounts contain data that can inform strategic decisions about land-use and on-ground management and track environmental performance.
  • Demonstrate environmental performance – the accounts are a valuable tool for farmers to demonstrate their environmental credentials (e.g. GHG emissions, resource use, land cover change, habitat condition change) to a range of stakeholders – banks and investors, insurers, buyers, markets.
  • Document transparency in the supply chain – by allowing environmental performance to be tracked from source to product.


Supported by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, the Landcare Farming Webinar Series is managed in partnership by Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network.

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Event Times

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Thursday 7th September, 2023

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