KLR Marketing School – Emerald

Do you know the value of your grass?
FBA are offering a 50% subsidy for Fitzroy region landholders to attend this course.
Traditionally, we always seem to be considering…
– Do we sell?
– Do we hold?
– Will the market go up, or down?
– Will it rain?
– What will happen next week?
The KLR Marketing School takes a whole new look at the way
we manage our Grass, Money and Livestock. When we
understand how to value these three things, we reduce our
market risk.

RSVP by Mon 23 April online:
For enquiries, call:
Kate Jackson
Land Management Officer
07 4999 2823
0427 572 200
Visit www.fba.org.au/events/ for more workshops and courses

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Purchase now from $$825.

Event Times

08:30 am - 04:30 pm Daily from 11th June, 2019 to 13th June, 2019

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