Improving Productivity and Profitability in Grazing – Technology Showcase (Part 1)

This is the third webinar in a four-part E-Beef series that focuses on improving productivity and profitability in grazing.

This is the first of two sessions which will showcase new and emerging technologies in the grazing industry that are being trialled as part of the E-Beef Project.

Remote Water Monitoring Solutions – Whole Farm Ecosystem with Rachael Dunn, Business Development Manger, Farmbot

The Farmbot software solution will provide insights about your water assets in any operating environment This means you can have peace of mind around what your water is doing 24/7. We can ensure that when and where action is need you will know, allowing you to be ore productive and profitable across your operations.

Solving the need for an easy way to get in-paddock stock weights with Bill Mitchell, Founder of Optiweigh

Optiweigh is a patented system for capturing livestock weights in the paddock. It is fully portable and comes complete with a communications solution that sends weight data back tot he office in real time – using either cellular or satellite connectivity.

Accurate, affordable farm connectivity, anywhere with David Ward, Sales Manager, Goanna Ag.

What if your farm could talk to you and you could understand exactly what it was saying? With Goanna Ag, you can connect to your farm like never before. Using low cost sensors and connectivity, we work with farmers to optimise soil, water and weather management across farm and significantly improve on-farm efficiencies.

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