How to improve the productivity and profitability of CQ soils – 6-part webinar series

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This six-part webinar series is a deep dive into the make-up of soil ecosystems, different soil testing methods, benchmarking soil condition, and restoring your soil’s health.

Only open to 10 properties, the six-part webinar gives down to earth instruction for graziers, forage crop growers and grain producers about the value of healthy soil. The series is run by Soil Land Food partner and agroecologist David Hardwick who has worked in Landcare extension, agronomy, soils, agribusiness, biofertiliser R&D, manufacturing organics, training, and consulting for over 20 years.

Be prepared to discuss your soil test results and plans over the six weeks and share learnings with other participants. You will be talking directly with David and other local land managers generating discussion and live feedback on soil tests from all participating properties.

Each participant will receive a Soil Action Plan worksheet they will use to build a strategy for their farm, tailored to their soil and their goals that can be put into action straight away. David will explain the step-by-step process to develop a successful soil management plan and show you how to spot problems with nutrients in your soil that could be holding back your business.

The Presenter:

David Hardwick – Agroecologist, Soil Land Food
David’s passion is agroecology and empowering farmers with knowledge and skills that make a difference!

David has over 20 years of experience in rural landscapes, farming and food systems. He develops and delivers many of the extension projects for Soil Land Food across Australia. He worked in community development and then horticulture before completing a dairy traineeship on an organic dairy in NSW. Since then he has had a wide-ranging career working in both management and technical roles. These include Landcare extension, agronomy, soils, agribusiness, biofertiliser R&D and manufacturing, organics, training, and consulting positions. For many years he also helped run a regional farmers market business with his wife. David has worked on rural cooperative and social enterprise projects and teaches soils, regenerative agriculture, farm planning and agroecology at TAFE NSW on a casual basis.

Week 1 – 6 July: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Learn the amazing secrets of the soil beneath your feet. What’s happening down there and what does it take to change the health and happiness of your soil for good.

Week 2 – 13 July: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
The golden rules of soil testing. Not all soil tests are created equal. David shares his unparalleled insights of different tests, different testing labs and what to watch out for.

Week 3 – 20 July: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Become your soil’s best friend by getting to know everything about it including fertility management, potential soil health issues, benchmarking, and a soil health checklist.

Week 4 – 27 July: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
There’s no substitute for getting out into the paddock and learning what to look for in physical and biological health and other factors in developing your own soil health plan.

Week 5 – 3 August: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
So, your soil needs a little help! Learn David’s Five Steps to regenerative nutrient management and action plans to implement nutrient support.

Week 6 – 10 August: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Now you’ve shared this experience, you probably have some questions. The final session is all Q & A – get your deepest and most important questions about soil answered.

Please RSVP by Monday 4 July to:

Vicki Horstman – FBA’s Ag Services Coordinator
0419 160 537 | 07 4999 2842 |

This program is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust project with support from Fitzroy Basin Association.

Event Times

07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 6th July, 2022
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 13th July, 2022
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 20th July, 2022
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 27th July, 2022
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 3rd August, 2022
07:00 pm - 09:30 pm Wednesday 10th August, 2022

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