Fitzroy Waterwatch on Tour (Emerald)

Saturday 16th March 8am

Emerald Botanic Gardens

Are you interested in the environment and want to do something to help?

Fitzroy Waterwatch is going on tour around the Fitzroy Basin, this time we’re heading for Emerald!

Waterwatch is a network of citizen scientists monitoring waterways in the Fitzroy Basin. We’re part of a nation-wide effort to understand, and care for waterway ecosystems.
Take science and conservation into your own hands, learn how to monitor ecosystem health using chemistry, biology, and ecology, from our rivers to the reef.
By helping us collect data across the Fitzroy Basin you’re helping build knowledge in the scientific world and out in the community to protect ecosystems.


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Event Times

08:00 am - 05:00 pm Saturday 16th March, 2024

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