Feral Animal Management Roadshow | Injune

Are wild dogs and feral pigs costing your business money? Join one of our workshops and learn humane, safe and effective ways to manage feral animals.

Gain hands- on skills in:

  • Baiting
  • Shooting
  • Trapping
  • Fencing

The presenters 
Darren Pointon
Out ‘n’ About Trapping and Outfitters
Darren Pointon has been a professional vertebrate pest manager for the last 35 years. Specialising in wild dogs, feral pigs and dear. Darren works with government and private landholders across land tenures to resolve wild dog impacts on livestock, native wildlife, pets and people.

Jordy Oostom
Northern Trapping Services
Jordy Oostorm has been trapping predators for over 30 years, developing his business as a professional pest controller for private and government agencies. Jordy’s experience includes trapping, deer control and guided hunts in Europe and North America.

When – Saturday 26 November | 8am – 4pm
Where – Injune Bowls Club | 60 Hutton St, Injune

RSVP to Sheree: 0448 219 982 | sheree.johnston@fba.org.au

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Funded by the Queensland and Australian Governments as part of the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative.

Event Times

08:00 am - 04:00 pm Saturday 26th November, 2022

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